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Economical EDM Drilling Machine

Economical EDM Drilling Machine
Specification #1 Consumptive Accessories

Drilling EDM is used brass or red copper as electrode. During machining, electrical discharging happens between electrode and the workpiece by using of low frequency impulse power and high peak current to bring high heat and high energy to erode the workpiece. It means our Drilling EDM is suitable to proceed all kinds of work materials that are electrical conductive, like stainless steel, chilled steel, copper, aluminum and carbide. With corresponding brass or red copper electrode, it can proceed 0.33.0 holes on workpiece with a maximum depth of 300 times of hole diameter.

With the advantage of very economical production cost and its capability on proceeding various working materials, our Drilling EDM is widely used in making original starting hole for WEDM, tantalum spinneret of chemical fiber silk-spinning machine, filter plate, aero engine blade, cooling holes of engine, hydraulic valve holes. And it can also be used to corrode a broken tap or screw away in a workpiece without damaging the thread of workpiece.

Features of Machine:
. Spindle adopts step motor drive.
. Digital display on X, Y axes.
. Operation buttons on operating panel is micro-switches.
. The speed of drilling is 30-60mm depth per minutes(it may vary upon different material).
. Drilling can be realized on curved surface directly.
. Have optical ruler on X, Y axis.
. X, Y axis movement is by hand wheel, and Z axis movement is made from the button on control panel.

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