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High Precision Wire Cutting Machine

High Precision Wire Cutting Machine
Specification #1 Consumptive Accessories

Wire (Molybdenum wire or Tungsten and Molybdenum alloy wire) of P&G WEDM-SLWS is as electrode, working liquid as media. Electrical discharging happens between the electrode and the workpiece by using of the high frequency impulse power and the high peak current to bring high heat and high energy to erode the workpiece. It means our machine can proceed all kinds of work materials that are electrical conductive, like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbide, copper and etc. 

WEDM-SLWS wire cutting track is realized by the movement of working table on X-Y and U-V directions, and tapper cutting is realized by the movement of working table on U,V direction of WEDM-SLWS.  

Comparing with our WEDM, our WEDM-SLWS can realize multi-cutting during programming to improve workpiece roughness after machining. WEDM-SLWS adopts close-circle CNC controlling system, servo motors, high precision ball screws, high precision linear guiding way and high precision bearing together with HT300 resin sand casting machine body, it realizes good machining accuracy(2um when cutting a 10mm circle or square) and good cutting surface roughness (Ra0.8um). After continues cutting of 100,000mm2, the wearing rate of molybdenum wire electrode is less than 0.005mm. Our WEDM-SLWS is a good choice for precision machining with economical costs.

. Close-circle CNC controlling system, can realize U, V, X, Y four axes pitch         compensation and backlash compensation, and improve the cutting accuracy of workpiece with two allotropic shapes on upper and bottom surfaces.
. Adopt HT300 resin sand casting with high rigidity and low vibration for machine body.
. New machine design to promise high-precision and stable machining.
. With double-nut high precision ball screw that guarantee machine position accuracy.
. It is equipped with servo motors instead of step motors in other WEDM, WEDM-SLWS can realize X, Y, U, V four axes linked cutting.
. Hand wheel impulse control can control the movement of X, Y, U, V, Z five axes movement.
. With live-time display about coordinate motion of X, Y, U, V axes.

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