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Economical Multi-cutting Wire Cutting Machine

Economical Multi-cutting Wire Cutting Machine
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Wire (Molybdenum wire or Tungsten and Molybdenum alloy wire ) of P&G WEDM-LWS is as electrode, working liquid as media. Electrical discharging happened between the electrode and the work piece by using of the high frequency impulse power and the high peak current to bring high heat and high energy to erode the work piece. It means our machine can proceed all kinds of work materials that are electrical conductive, like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbide, copper and etc..

WEDM-LWS wire cutting track is realized by the movement of working table on X-Y axis and U-V directions, and tapper cutting by wire is realized by the swaying head on upper machine arm of WEDM-LWS.

Comparing with our WEDM, our WEDM-LWS can realize multi-cutting during programming to improve workpiece roughness after machining. With this advantage, WEDM-LWS can realize good roughness on cutting surfaces and promise cutting efficiency at the same time.

Comparing with our WEDM-HLWS, our WEDM-LWS is more economical on its machine cost.

WEDM-LWS are featured with beautiful shape, high rigid and precision machine base, superior performance, and convenient operation. Meanwhile, they are of small cutting force, big load bearing, steady movement, and safety operation.

WEDM-LWS are very suitable to cut the workpiece of high precision, fairly good rigidity, high toughness, especially the cold die, extrusion die, plastic mould, gear cutter hob, precision component (including big taper, same taper, unequal cone, laid abnormity and etc.)

With the advantage of very economical production cost and its capability on proceeding various working materials, our WEDM-LWS are widely used in the fields of moulds, automobile parts, aeronautics and astronautics, electronic instrument, military, light industry, rich varieties but small batch production and household appliances.

Functions of WEDM-LWS:

1. Automatic circular center positioning
2. Program editing by:
(a) N.C. code edit (G.M code)
(b) DXF edit (CAM, graphic transfer file)
(c) 3B code edit
3. Multi-cutting choice during machining
4. Forward or reverse orbital function
5. Automatic machining stop in case of wire electrode breaking
6. Dry run function
7. Start point or hold point return
8. Short-circuit interrupt protection & Auto. Stop
9. Wire electrode diameter and electric spark clearance compensation
10. Cutting path display

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